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Are you fed up with having constant power struggles with your child?

Obviously.  And that's totally normal.

Does any of this sound familiar?​

  • Your child throws massive tantrums, and nothing seems to calm them down.
  • You have tried rewards and punishments, but nothing changed.
  • You find yourself losing patience because your child will not follow directions.
  • You feel like you have to walk on eggshells around your child so that you do not set them off.
  • You find yourself parenting in a way that does not feel good to you, or is not the way you wanted to parent your child.
  • Your child's school says that your child is great, but you are not seeing that at home.
  • Your child seems stressed or anxious, but they are not willing to talk to you about it.

It is natural to feel this way.  You are NOT a bad parent.  And you do NOT have a bad kid.


Peaceful Parent Coaching

Individualized coaching services and solutions to common parenting challenges, designed to get your family back on track

What happens when we work together?

You will feel compassionate and patient.  You will build mutually-respectful relationships with your kids.  You will be able to set drama-free limits with confidence, knowing that you are keeping your child safe without hurting your child's curiosity.  

Your home will become a peaceful place.  There will be more talking and less yelling.   Conflict will become a healthy process of different but good ideas competing in order to birth a better, more inclusive idea. 

Your child will develop a higher Emotional Quotient (EQ).  Your family will be able to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.   

Your child will become mindful and more open with you. They won’t feel judged at home, so they will not shy away from being who they truly are; from finding themselves and their purpose in life.

Your child will listen to you - not because they are trying to impress you, but because they want to understand you.  Your child will notice you are more interested in understanding their position.  They follow your lead out of respect and admiration as opposed to fearing your overreaction if they do not agree with your position.

You will have great conversations with your kids.   Deep, meaningful conversations boost kids’ cognition and their overall development.  Your child will show fewer signs of aggression and they will easily form friendships.

What Does Peaceful Parent Coaching Include?

  • A 60 - 90 minute intake call, where we will take a deep dive into your family's situation so that we can set clear goals for our time together.
  • Individual coaching calls (two per month), designed to give you the skills to parent your unique child.
  • Concrete skills to practice between calls.
  • Unlimited email contact between coaching calls, to answer questions as they come up and ensure that you're making progress.
  • Varying contract lengths to meet your family's specific needs.

What's next?

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation call so that we can discuss your family's needs, and how I can help your family.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now

Hi!  I'm Amy Weber, and I am excited to help your family find unique, common sense solutions to your everyday family problems.

I have over 25 years of experience working with parents and children just like yours, and I cannot wait to help your family get back on the road to connection and peace.  My philosophy is to start where you are, without judgement, and help you create the family life that you have dreamed of.

With a master's degree in clinical social work, and extensive post-graduate training in working with children with special needs, I know how to help parents who want to do their best by their children.  Parents who are committed to solving problems while maintaining a connection to their children. I bring empathy and humor to every conversation, helping you to become the parent that you want to be.

Let's Talk!  I am looking forward to helping your family find peace.

Schedule Your Free Consultation  Now